Regarding my return policy, I am unfortunately not able to honor any returns. I am not a company and I cannot replace anything. 

Everything that is sold here unless otherwise stated is in used condition and is sold 'as is'

You cannot expect a perfect and brand new product. I do, however, take care of my items extremely well. Most likely the condition it's in is how I received it from the company.

Please be sure before you purchase anything. I will not be able to refund you as again, I am just an individual selling my used items. So absolutely no refunds under any condition.

The only time I'd be able to help you is if you have purchased shipping insurance with the package. I'll definitely help you get your refund for whatever value you've had declared on your customs form. If you've underdeclared it, then there's nothing I can do. Sorry.

This includes packages that are sent with a Tracking Number. If you did not purchase insurance, I am not liable for loss or damage.